One of my favorite shoots for Gothamist! This stirring assignment called for photographs and a documentary video about George Burke, the caretaker of The Seguine Mansion in Staten Island, a Greek Revival house built by Joseph H. Seguine in 1838. The house and stables are located on Prince’s Bay in Staten Island, New York. The accompanying article was written by Shayla Love (“Inside Seguine Mansion, Staten Island’s Eccentric Historic Home“):
His journal entries from 1981 are about the stench of rats infesting the walls and cellars filled with fleas and lice. “Walking through the hall,” he wrote, “By the time I got by the front door, my pants legs looked as someone dumped the pepper pot on me.” It took 66 gallons of white paint and a little over five years for Burke to breathe life back into Seguine Mansion…He also finally had a home for his European masterpieces. Every inch of the house is covered in oil paintings, statues and ceremonial swords. To take a tour is to enter a whirlwind of centuries, dates and schools of art. Burke knows them all; he hand-selected everything. Rubens, Jasper Cropsey, and Rembrandt Peale are some of the names that make any art history buff’s heart skip a beat. There’s also a portrait of Joseph H. Seguine. Read more at

Click here to view the George Burke/Seguine Mansion short documentary that I made for Gothamist.

November 13, 2014 / Staten Island, NY